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Many years ago my wife and I started a company from scratch and from the raw of our kitchen table, the company (Sensoria []) grew from just

8 months ago

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Many years ago my wife and I started a company from scratch and from the raw of our kitchen table, the company (Sensoria) grew from just the two of us to a partnership with other individuals, until we had a plethora of employees and international partnerships.

An absolute blast of an adventure, we are the father and mother of over 95% of the IP generated during that venture, a great business journey that led to many lessons learned both on the business and personal side.

tracking time zones of the where we had team members - and major outlet news awards

After several years of sweat and extremely hard work we became the go-to news of the cycle for everything wearable. We were riding the wave of the wearable because we had invented, among many other things, a sock that would act like a fitbit that was washable and no different from any other sock. At least on the surface.

We didn't invent just the socks, we invented a methodology to create all sorts of wearable devices where smart fabrics were the pivotal point of the experience.

"Smart Ass" ( pants to detect skin ulcers development)

Our level of popularity went to high that at some point major companies took a shot at our company to create the annual tradition of fake launches of product to fool people and share a chuckle.


My most favorite was by HTC, the company acquired by Google to make the Pixel phone! Their prank was in full home page with such a convincing style that it almost fooled me, the CTO of the company 😃


The awesome streaming company took it a notch up and made a real prototype of socks that would pause the streaming service when the individual wearing the socks wasn't moving for some time. (fallen asleep on the couch syndrome) - the original URL no longer works but I found this archive that shows the whole story.


The search engine company went as fast as using our reference in their famous annual developer conference having a specific line hinting to our socks.

There were a few more but at has been so long that I couldn't find them around the non metaverse world.

Awesome times, great good memories overall and an amazing story to be told to future entrepreneurs and perhaps the most important of all: never stop trying.

Happy Fool Day!

Mario Esposito

Published 8 months ago