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I have been fixated for several years now on the importance of collecting biometrical data. I believe that is the key to find correlations of why we do what we do and how to do it better, healthier: eat, walk, talk and act with certain patterns is directly linked to what we eat and in which sequence those things we inject in or apply to our body. All together deliver biochemical reactions that our brain adapts and respond accordingly to our DNA footprint. I walk the talk  all that with extreme rigor in my professional and particularly in my personal life. About 5 years ago I started a massive data collection project for the last invention of my career, FLINT , leveraging data generated by me and my family. I have already touched the subject before on this blog so I will skip the details of FLINT. While reading the news this morning, I came across this article about Rick, a guy that I admire for his kindness and business acumen. He leads the hardware team at Google and prior he was a