Time is everything

I would have started this post with:
If I only had enough time, to write this post. You would understand!

When it comes to time, here is my shortlist of considerations: 

  • Time is worth more than money
  • The best idea can fail if delivered at the wrong time
  • The best jokes fail with the wrong timing
  • I take time and timing very seriously. It is possible I am a time nerd. But I don't waste time validating that assumption though 😄
When it comes to priorities in relation to time, here is my ladder of values
  1. Time
  2. Health
  3. Freedom
  4. Money
Not the other way around.

I remember watching a documentary where the Dalai Lama when asked about his views of time, he said :
A man sacrifices his health in order to make money then he sacrificed his money to recuperate his health you have a choice with those precious hours and minutes you can either live out a life determined by everybody else and their expectations or you can make a choice to live with the intent to be deliberate and to be specific and conscious about how you want to use every single moment of your time.

This video below shares more (dramatically?) the concept behind his points. And no matter how you want to reason about the topic. Something is certain: Anything you do requires one ingredient and it is not possible to even entertain the idea of doing ANYthing, without that ingredient. 

Want to guess which one??

I don't have time to keep telling you that time isn't money, time is everything.


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