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The making of Stone Edge

A few weeks ago about a dozen friends asked for recommendations for a small  pizza oven to purchase. Some of them even spurred a series of posts on the making of a yard pizza oven which resulted in creating a brain dump of all I know about the subject. One of those conversations was with my friend Deborah in our backyard. While I was listing the pros and cons of those reasonably priced ovens I had a flash of making one that would fit a regular American range for a third of the price of those popular ovens like Roccbox or Ooni. Background Two physicists while in Rome wondered how quickly and delicious the pizza was done in Rome. So in true scientist fashion, they decided to analyze the secrets of the perfect pizza and even concocted a thermodynamic equation. When in Rome... They determined that the secret of a great pizza is the brick oven. No @#$1 you might think and you might be right 😃 In a series of thermodynamic equations, those researchers determined the formula for exactly ho

From the dough to the first bite. Pizza recipe and dealing with issues

My friend Tim complained that in my last post for the making of pizza he was hoping to find the recipe he had been asking for and couldn't spot it. I quickly realized that he actually didn't read the whole post because he was too busy making love to his " Tranny " bike.  I wasn't planning to post the recipe yet because in the list I made in the original post, I am following the sequence of how you should be approaching the making of pizza through a pizza oven in your backyard. However, after hearing his horror story about his last pizza I figured that I should have put the man out of his misery. Let me fix it with this post. As most people born in the United States where there isn't a deeper home cooking culture as in other countries (Italy, France to name a few) people often look for an exact process or exact quantities when making some type of food. In those places where people make really good food, they rarely measure anything. That doesn't apply to a