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Coaching: Making Home Pasta.

If you have been following this blog for some time you know about my cook-o-therapy philosophy and judging from the comments on Discord I know that a ton of you are aware of my research project and pasta experiment to collect data for the project.This post, is not about either of those things, although pretty close to the essence of my cook-o-therapy post in terms of pleasing the mind and the tummy at once. It all started when my colleagues Yuli and Sonia asked if I could share my knowledge in making homemade pasta. My team has a lovely "teach others" routine where we learn from one another with fun and dedication. Doing it remotely, as COVID keeps giving to the human race, makes it even more challenging and desirable at the same time. So this post is to coordinate the upcoming making of pasta together so that by the time we do it, people know what to do/expect. If any of the readers want to do it via the verb of the year, post in the comments or on Discord and I will get it…

Emulating nature in inventing new materials

Creating a new material is something that per individual, nowadays happens probably one per lifetime. Most recently I received an RFI that requires among the other challenging things a new material in order to be called a revolution and not an evolution of something that already exists.I have been chasing for the last several years two types of materials one purely organic and plant-based and another exclusively synthetic, silicon-based that reacts homogeneously to electrical stimulation.This recent RFI request reinvigorated my stereotypical inventor stubbornness in pursuing the quest for either of those new materials. So I start reading up again on things that could be of use to try new creative approaches to the problem at hand and I discovered the achievement of the team Proteus. It's a material that is almost impossible to cut! The team sees Proteus as an ideal option for protective gear and construction materials. It could provide a barrier against tools and accidental damage…

Fixing Bike Flashlight

A few nights ago the Filini team was at our place for strategizing about our next two MTB challenges:St HelensMohabCompany, fire, backyard chilling and some impromptu parmigiana by my WIF-i led to pretty late night. Tim had shown up with his bike and wanted to go home, without lights.
I remembered I had bought lights for night rides with my WIF-i (Vickie). After grabbing I realized the batteries exploded for sitting for too long in the hot bike shed.
A new set of batteries didn't resolve the issue since the corrosion was all over the contacts. Several random advice from the crew were tested, one of them was "scratch the contact with a car key"... yah that didn't work either.
Tim went home and bravely survived the low light sidewalks. Such a big boy our over 50s team player! Today I decided to look into this issue and this is the story of how I got it back on track. Don't throw away corroded electronics, this recipe will work for the vast majority of exploded battery …