Cat Scratcher

My friends just got a cat after their hamster kicked the bucket. They were complaining that the new family member is scratching around to file his nails. I was 30 minutes away from going at their place for some post-Corona quarantine time together. When I ran by a piece of wood that made me think "Pinocchio"!

I first draw a bottom hole to hold a screw and a nut that would be flush with the bottom so that it wouldn't touch/scratch the floor. How ironic it would be if it would fix the scratcher fluffy creature and at every itch it would dig a hole in the floor... Some Microsoft product does that by the way...

I then rolled around a pipe (cardboard) a string using a drill because by hand would be taken the same time that is taking to Trump to figure out a plan to address the Corona crisis.

I found a scrap of would for the leaderboard of the scratcher where I figured would have hosted its name (LEO) but it had some crap glued on it and the edges were too sharp, so I fixed them.

I then attached two rounds of rope around the base, using hot glue and frame nails so that the edges that I had smoothed wouldn't look too carpentery work.

Like every doctor should have a white coat and speak gibberish, I have the same rule for building. A Dremel is a staple, all puns intended. So I attached the rotary "pen" to the Dremel and start chiseling the letters into the headboard. Thanks to my lovely assistant for drawing because otherwise I would have probably printed out some pictures from the Internet and ended up with an Elephant footprint...

At this point, we had the shape and the overall geometry. Some "character" had to be burned into it. Flame torcher here I come.

I attached at the bottom a nut/screw so that on one side it was anchoring the headboard and on the other would fit the pipe, scratcher?!

Coloring with fire the rest was a must to make everything look homogeneous.

Fully delivered to the tuxedo macho cat LEO!

As most cat that hasn't grown around a scratcher from the beginning likely, the little fucker will not use it until he has been left no option but in the meanwhile, another maker piece is in the wild. And to that I say

Btw, I showed up on time to the dinner - extra kudos


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