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Bring Boxee Box back to life

Boxee If you haven't met this beauty when it came out then you have been missing out! It was so forward-thinking and so well designed. As often happens to great acquired products, they are killed for reasons beyond the compressible path to the mere mortals. I was helping my friend Cristiano in setting up his Synology system along with Plex. And every single time I dealt with Plex I regretted every second of just installing and then figuring out how to remove that cancer from the system. I know that some people out there must have a good experience about that product otherwise I don't understand how they still alive... but over many years that hasn't been me and now Cristiano too :-) So I was digging in my garage for something that I could have used as tvbox with some Linux distro on it. And that's when I ran in this wonderful piece of tech. Sitting there without love and full of dust bunnies. It booted at the first attempt and the remote battery was still alive!! Sadly,

Cat Scratcher

My friends just got a cat after their hamster kicked the bucket. They were complaining that the new family member is scratching around to file his nails. I was 30 minutes away from going at their place for some post-Corona  quarantine time together. When I ran by a piece of wood that made me think "Pinocchio"! I first draw a bottom hole to hold a screw and a nut that would be flush with the bottom so that it wouldn't touch/scratch the floor. How ironic it would be if it would fix the scratcher fluffy creature and at every itch it would dig a hole in the floor... Some Microsoft product does that by the way... I then rolled around a pipe (cardboard) a string using a drill because by hand would be taken the same time that is taking to Trump to figure out a plan to address the Corona crisis. I found a scrap of would for the leaderboard of the scratcher where I figured would have hosted its name (LEO) but it had some crap glued on it and the edges were too sharp, so I fixed th

Digistump and Arduino

Say that you have a passion for retro computing. Let's add that you have fond memories of when you were playing Amigas, a lovely clone of Arkanoid, on Commodore Amiga. You fire up either FS-UAE launcher or even turning on a real amiga. Boot the game and after a few frustrating attempts, you realize that there's no way to play that game either with keyboard or a joystick. You need a dial joystick. They are also called spinners or rotary and ten other slags around the globe but the formal name is Paddle . Now, that is the time where you are thinking. OH! I can build one and I can use Arduino. That's when sanity walks back in your brain room, slaps you in the face, and tells you, how about a DigiStump ?? Because they are cheaper, much smaller. And most important you are not using a cannon to kill a fly that has not spent some quality time with Godzilla! If you have never used DigiStump hardware before this post will take you through the first baby step and in future posts, we