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Converting MP3s to M4A

If you have audio books DRM free in an ancient format like MP3 you can convert them using the awesome FFMPEG open source utility.   Here is how I did it for me without using any crapware shared as free (which are not at the best) and ultimately using the same utility in the background. ffmpeg -i AwesomeYou.mp3 -c:a aac -vn AwesomeYou.m4a The -vn option allows the transcoding skipping the artwork that often is embedded within the file you are converting.

TempleOS, a story that shouldn't be forgotten

A few days ago while reading an article I end up by means of clicking on a random link to browsing YouTube. I stumbled over the creation of Terry Davis . That is TempleOS an operating system he built completely by himself! I wanted to know the end to end story of this man and his work so I educated myself and this is the summary of what I researched. I hope it will help others that end up having the same questions I had. He was mentally ill and unfortunately was treated as many people today react to mentally ill people, mostly cruelly and mockingly while a few acts with understanding and kindness. The long story of what I learned. He had begun live-streaming, where he would take call-ins to his landline . It's there that a concerted campaign to get Terry to alienate himself from his parents (with whom he lived) and stop taking his medication. This is not to mention how they egged on romantic feelings for a YouTube personality who they would later impersonate and torture him