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Converting images via terminal

Every now and then while working on an app or simply automating some recurrent dev tasks I ran into ImageMagick  which you can get installed via brew install convert . The tool is incredibly powerful and as all Unix command-line tools have more switches and order of using those switches and gibberish sequence of characters than a pack of cats times their lives and power of their cousins' lives. So this post is for the occasional desperate moment that I figured how to do something very simple and specific for which I have the guarantee that next time that I want to do the same or very similar thing I won't remember how I did it before. Once you installed you can call convert followed by arguments. Chances are that before you actually convert anything you need to re-organize or find your files that will be subject to the conversions. Let's document that part first. There are millions of ways to that, the below is what worked for me. If you have all images in multip

They Stolen My GoPro Story and How I got it back

There's so much to unpack here... however, the best way to make you live my brain phases is to take you through the journey I had. The Filini's gang  on the last day of February, clearly a special leap one, decided to go to BDOS . It's really fun and offers a lot of variety in cross country efforts. Really good for building up muscle structure and develop jumping skills. After the ride, which by the way was super as my (now found) Garmin shows. The last three jumps are off the Super Charge segment, my favorite kamikaze trail at BDOS. Anyway... we get back to the car after our traditional ~10 miles of fun and sweat. I am fairly methodical when it comes to save time. Leaving my bike stuff container a mess means waste more time later on it to clean, fix, search, unpack and all that. Therefore, because time is opportunity and wasting time is...well wasted opportunities, I put everything back as I usually do and particularly doing a better job then normally with my d