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HHO Generator, Quick and Dirty edition

If you have seen in this action movies when the hero of the moment hits the hydrogen valve and the care suddenly flies over the asphalt then you have a form a HHO system and just didn't know the name. The official pose of those systems ( EFIE ) demand a slide style like this one :-)` Lab HHO generators are expensive . For a project that I am investigating, I needed a gas to propel a certain number of revolutions in a mechanism I am working on. Since my mechanism is wheel shaped I naturally thought of generating fumes via a HHO generator. I didn't want to spend a ton for something that I wasn't sure that was going to be an essential item of my research so I figure: How hard would be to build one, DIY style? Well... that's what this post is all about. Let's build and test one. Before we get our hands dirty let's learn some basics knowledge so we know what's going on. As with all DIY projects: BE CAREFUL, USE PROTECTIONS AND DON'T BLAME ANYONE BUT YOU