The Making of Filini's Ghost Ride Trophy

A couple of years ago I came up with a brand and logo name for our MTB team. That is FILINI. For Christmas I wanted to build something custom from my dear friend Cristiano which runs with the nickname of GHOST RIDER within the team. You can cruise the images in higher resolution if you click on them.
This is the logo.
I used to convert the image from pixel to an STL that I could print with my 3D printer. Pixelmator at some point was involved as well. And also a good list of WTFs to figure out why the conversion wasn't producing a more clear result.
The final print had a bit of smudges here and there but nothing that clippers and acetone couldn't remove. Can't say elbow work, more knuckle hard word.

I used Liquid Metal paint (Bronze, Silver) to create sand-metal effect with which I painted the parts.
I recycled a GOPRO part which I painted Silver. Several times because although the paint holds well on lucid plastic, it required multiple passes (and time) to create a desirable effect.



then I start putting all pieces together. Surprisingly the ABS was not porous enough for the super glue to do its job so I used a hot glue gun which worked a lot better. Dealing with the filament drag was annoying but likely I had a few WTF left from the previous iterations.


I printed the Ghost Rider label using Tinker Cad Online for getting want I wanted


I was very pleased, particularly because the two colors were doing the shadowing effect that I was looking forward. When I do craft work I either leave my signature with character (;mE) or my finger print (index) using acetone. I couldn't find a spot that I would have been pleased so I found to be more saddle on the external cover.




We recently took a trip to Arizona (Sedona) where we had a mega blast riding in their red velcro terrain. The bronze color inspiration was matching perfectly. To make it pop better than plain bronze over the transparent base. I first laid out a strip of silver. Inside and out of the cover.
Then using a cutie I laid over large amounts of bronze to create rocks/sand effect with a irregular pattern.

The final result was quite satisfying.


Here is a flyover of the final job.

You can see that I left some glue filament here and there and that was intentional to give it a vintage effect when in low light. I tried a couple of spectrums and looked fine but time will tell :-)
It was time consuming but it encompass the care that we share for one another and definitely the passion for a sport that has been leading to laughters and tons of lesson learned.


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