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The Making of Basculo

Exercising can be fun if done with others and even that is not the case for everyone. Doing it alone is more than often a chore. Anything that can make the activity less than “mandatory” can only lead to build up the necessary confidence to perform the "chore" more frequently and with a due rhythm that actually leads to results. Fun and rhythm are two cardinal pieces to get results. I would argue about anything but particularly at the job of losing calories while not feeling miserable.    A gaming experience meshed within some type of workout is hardly a nuance those days. However, as all fads the excitement tend to fade out when the link between the investment in time and sweat doesn’t balance with the perceived results. Most humans, particularly the male homo sapiens patience for any result is not in spade available as for the counterpart of the same species. If you didn't pay attention in school about the breakdown that likely you belong too ( my cat reads, it doesn

Finally someone that speaks about the danger from a more concrete angle.

Cassie does a wonderful job in telling the story around data and AI, if you like what you hear then take a look at this collection of links. I am sure that you will find something here that fits your palate. For total beginners: For those who care about AI ethics: For leaders: For artists: For the tech-curious: For data science enthusi

The Making of Filini's Ghost Ride Trophy

A couple of years ago I came up with a brand and logo name for our MTB team. That is FILINI. For Christmas I wanted to build something custom from my dear friend Cristiano which runs with the nickname of GHOST RIDER within the team. You can cruise the images in higher resolution if you click on them.   This is the logo.   I used to convert the image from pixel to an STL that I could print with my 3D printer. Pixelmator at some point was involved as well. And also a good list of WTFs to figure out why the conversion wasn't producing a more clear result.     The final print had a bit of smudges here and there but nothing that clippers and acetone couldn't remove. Can't say elbow work, more knuckle hard word. I used Liquid Metal paint ( Bronze , Silver ) to create sand-metal effect with which I painted the parts.   I recycled a GOPRO part which I painted Silver. Several times because although the paint holds well on lucid plastic, it required mul