Build an independent watch app - PART III

In Part I, we created an app for the typical caveman with an Apple watch. In part II, we added support for hearing the sound a dino makes. Now it is time to add icons so that rather than have the lame gray circles default icon we’re going to have something more fun.
If you are an artist go ahead and develop your own image. Post done. Bye!
For the rest of us, here is the plan:
Grab an image that you like, as big high resolution as possible but don’t go overboard for it. No one needs 4K imagery. 
Download Icon Set Creator or App Icon Set Creator, set your target and provide your image.

The app will generate your assets for XCODE.

After trying several options out there I found myself happier (but not overjoying) with Resizer. So much that I purchased the in app purchase option to feed the work behind it.

If you feel cheap and don't want to feed innovation or help a fellow developer (feel the guilt?!) you can also use a Github option.

As an example, using Resizer Lite, I fed to the tool this image and got the following once I copied the content of the Resizer's output folder (and it's json) into the app icon folder of the project I was working on.


(ps a better and more refined version of this post got lost (thx Tumblr!) so I quickly and awfully remade it...


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