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My brother is getting married next month. When he broke the news to me I realized that soon, very soon, the entire normally hyper scrutinizing family trend would laser focus

3 years ago

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My brother is getting married next month. When he broke the news to me I realized that soon, very soon, the entire normally hyper scrutinizing family trend would laser focus on me.

It’s not that I enjoy overeating is more than carbs have a tendency to stumble upon me with killer intent. And yes being Italian doesn’t help since there’s always a good reason for eating pizza and pasta in a good company. Followed by wine is obviously the most natural thing to side on such wonder carb. And OF COURSE it would look bad to have wine with pizza, so beer is a must to have…

and to top off all that, being married to an American it would be a Trump administration thing against children of not eating steak and chips at the first BBQ opportunity.

When you combine all that you get to the point where there isn’t enough of a sport that you enjoy to justify that level of forking effort. Entering… eat less process and fit into your pants so that at the wedding you don’t get the smirks and comments of the American boy were once an Italian.

For whom has been following the blog, I am on a quest to build my own AGI artificial brain. It runs under the name of FLINT.

FLINT recommends every day what to do or not. When to exercise and other things part of the lifestyle cycle. The house is a gigantic sensor data gathering machine and between that and the wearables, I use it all comes down to make predictions and recommendations.

One of the recommendations that FLINT has been successfully delivering for my once 20lbs of extra weight is the use of daily smoothies.

When you think of that you might think of Jamba Juice or other unhealthy (but damn pleasing) drinks. Nope.

Mine smoothies aren’t bad (or I got used to) but they are definitely the epicenter of health.

My friend Steven has been looking to shave some well-earned pounds, once again. So I passed on to him my workflow.

I got for him a Nutribullet (non-bluetooth version) and left on his doorstep.

He started pushing up through the apps that I shared in this other post. Therefore, eating less and flushing out more is the next natural step. I did the same and continue to adopt it to stay below the trading fat line.

My daily recipe changes based on what FLINT recommends on daily basis, however, as a general/common recipe that I use is the one below:

That is breakfast and lunch. The lunch edition has different combos and less water to make it more creamy so that the brain is fooled (thanks Steve for the Podcast) that you actually had lunch as fulfilling as a BBQ’d cow.

The creamy version is obtained adding avocado or other thicker ingredients. While the morning version has Italian parsley which has a surprising amount of booster for brain activity as a result of higher blood flowing to the heart. Useful for morning sluggers.

At dinner time reducing the sizing of the portions of what I would normally eat or another smoothie but usually, I have a normal dinner most of the times. The result is that you start pooping a lot more and more regularly, emptying really the belly storage which continues to evolve in feeling less hungry and craving less solid food.

Like all things, if you don’t stick to it and become really fixated to the point that your life depends on it, smoothie or not it won’t work. But if you do, then you can use anything to win any battle. This is my thing now. At least as long as FLINT says so.

pounds out/

Mario Esposito

Published 3 years ago