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Lose weight or die-t hard trying

My brother is getting married next month. When he broke the news to me I realized that soon, very soon, the entire normally hyper scrutinizing family trend would laser focus on me. It’s not that I enjoy overeating is more than carbs have a tendency to stumble upon me with killer intent. And yes being Italian doesn’t help since there’s always a good reason for eating pizza and pasta in a good company. Followed by wine is obviously the most natural thing to side on such wonder carb. And OF COURSE it would look bad to have wine with pizza, so beer is a must to have… and to top off all that, being married to an American it would be a Trump administration thing against children of not eating steak and chips at the first BBQ opportunity. When you combine all that you get to the point where there isn’t enough of a sport that you enjoy to justify that level of forking effort. Entering… eat less process and fit into your pants so that at the wedding you don’t get the smirks and comment