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Top 15 FREE DICOM Viewers for Doctors : Windows, Linux and Mac OSX

Image Top 15 FREE DICOM Viewers for Doctors : Windows, Linux and Mac OSX DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) is the international standard to transmit, store, retrieve, print, process, and display medical imaging information. On a regular basis I get scans of my body, brain included. That is for scientific reasons. In additional to (fortunately) to the random checkups that require some. Good doctor’s offices tend to give out a CD of your scans and sadly 99% of the times those CDs are meant to run on Windows. Well, this curated list will make you happier. I use the open-source AMIDE but there’s plenty to go by. Happy imaging.

Charles Proxy on iOS

Problem : You have an app that interacts with the cloud and you would like to know (or figure out) what type of communications occur between the client and the backend. Entering  Charles Proxy  a wonderful app (free trial then buy) that allows you to monitor communications from your desktop while a native (or Safari) app is interacting outside of its container. It should be straightforward on how to setup the whole thing but eventually, it is not, therefore, this post is for myself in the case in future I will forget how to do it or for your next you that struggles to put two and two together. Here is how it works Install Charles on your desktop Trust Charle’s CA root certificate From your iOS device visit a special URL that downloads a dynamically generated (trusted) root certificate Trust that certificate into your iOS settings Set up your iOS device to point to your local proxy (Charles on desktop_ Launch Charles on the desktop Your communications are now captured and