Google Home Hack

I have a Google Home device in almost every room at home. The only place where it was missing was the bathroom and due to space constraints and wetness, I couldn’t place it anywhere.
Entering, Rhino, 3D printing, and some good old fashion screwdriver!
If you haven’t used Rhino before you will be pleased to learn the basics via I used this class to learn the foundational pieces. I have used Solidworks before and Rhino is a ton simpler to use in that comparison.
I own a Dremel Digilab which I love to the core. After so many printers tried over the years, this one just gets the job done!
The objective was to build a clip-on holder. Like this:
It took a few attempts to get the snapping mechanism to work, what I had thought was the way to go at the beginning of trying this out, was all wrong :-)
When I understood how to properly measure the curvature of the device I got a better sense of how much the arches that clip on had to be curved. I watched so many YouTube video on the matter that I lost count of it!
The result is quite fantastic!
If you want to watch (sped up) building of the baby, here is the video link

Hopefully, it will inspire you to build something too :-)


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