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Sniffing the brain

My friend  Raye  is in the process of becoming a licensed  aromatherapy  master. Her boyfriend and I start MTB biking together and that’s when I ran into her bright & spiritual soul. I have always been fascinated by this holistic branch of self-therapy. You can get compounds (organic or not) into your body in a variety of ways. If you use a cream, for example, the skin filters and the what makes the cut goes into the bloodstream. If you inhale instead you are going to hit the neocortex super quick (vs topical applications) and when that happens the limbic system is going to react accordingly. During a getting together dinner, I shared with Raye my struggle with  insomnia  and she offered some help. She needed a case study for her training phase that will lead to certification, I needed more Zzzz time, a win-win game. If you are a follower of this geek portal you already know that I drive scientific thinking in every common day of life. Therefore, when I signed up as a Guinea p

Net Neutrality

There’s been a major  development  over the past 24 hours: another member of Congress just came out in support of the House Congressional Review Act resolution to overturn FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s net neutrality repeal. This is a big deal and could help push other lawmakers do the same, but we have to act fast because the deadline is just over a week away. Today is a massive day of action to show lawmakers that people still care about net neutrality so we’re asking everyone to click here and tell Congress not to let their chance to save net neutrality slip away. We’ve been fighting for months without seeing any movement in Congress, watching the clock ticking down to the deadline. But Rep Joe Morelle (NY-25) his support for the Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution could change that. If we act fast, we can leverage this new momentum to unleash a small landslide of other representatives coming out for net neutrality before the December 10th deadline, which will make a huge d

Bro's getting married

He’s getting married! After 20 years of being together with his lovely partner, he’s going to tighten the knot!  Originally posted by jupiter2 Congrats bro and sis in [out]law!

Age of Mythology on Mac

I play on occasion and my most favorite games are nothing that goes with the hype of anything of any age. I play some Amiga games, some Mame enabled roms and I always loved strategy games like Age Of Empire. I don’t own a machine that runs Windows so it was crucial for me to figure out how to run AoE over the mac. I own a few copies of the game saga so today I decided to fire up Wine and install it from the CD-ROM. Up to the hour before this post, I didn’t know anything about Wine. In the quest to achieve what I wanted I learned a ton about it and I am here to share what I know now to benefit the future like-minded. Jargon Wine Winetricks WineSkins PlayOnMac Wine Wine (originally an acronym for “Wine Is Not an Emulator”) is a compatibility layer capable of running Windows applications on several POSIX-compliant operating systems, such as Linux, macOS, & BSD. Instead of simulating internal Windows logic like a virtual machine or emulator, Wine translates Windows AP

Renpho, another IoT story

A while ago I found the  perfect Oil Diffuser.  Perfect because the app that comes with it is flawless, it is wifi controllable and the design of the device it is just peachy. This beauty is commercialized (made?) by a company that runs as  Renpho . Since our house an IoT farm for our own amusement and research projects, I wanted to control the device from other means that the app the device comes with. In the process of figure out the calls that the app makes to the cloud I discovered a few things that I am going to share with the next one that just like I that will place a bunch of Google queries in search of the key answer: has anyone already done something that I might use right away and adapt at my likeness? In doing such a search you will start, likely, with the name of the company and you will find nothing. Since I was that guy today and didn’t find anything here is my findings: There’s a company called  Tuya Smart . They make a global Intelligent platform that enab

Learning Assembler on Amiga #10

By users request, I built an index page of previous lessons. It’s  here  and as usual, read my  disclaimer . Let’s begin… In this lesson, we’re going to put together everything we learned in Lesson 6, 7, and 8. Buckle up! No matter what type of language on which type of hardware you want to master your skills, there’s a sanctioned truth that no one can escape. The Debugger! If you can’t “look into” what your code does while it’s running or after it executed some code then you are flying blind. And that is Russian roulette buddy. Originally posted by reitija There are  multiple ways  and tools to debug your code. Each way has bugs and inconvenience but in the end, once you develop your own methodology and muscle memory you adapt to anything that floats your boat best. The most obvious way of debugging is with  Asm One , the second most obvious way is to use Visual Studio Code with an  extension  that leverages in the back  vasm  and  vlink  in combo with FS-UAE.  The debugg

Force-quitting a runaway Mac process remotely

On occasion, I play Age of Empire using Wine on macOS. On random, the process gets stuck with no way to switch back to the Finder. That is when having a way of accessing from remote and kill the main process gives me back my own computer.  Here how you accomplish that. You are welcome.

Google Home Hack

I have a Google Home device in almost every room at home. The only place where it was missing was the bathroom and due to space constraints and wetness, I couldn’t place it anywhere. Entering, Rhino, 3D printing, and some good old fashion screwdriver! If you haven’t used Rhino before you will be pleased to learn the basics via I used  this class  to learn the foundational pieces. I have used Solidworks before and Rhino is a ton simpler to use in that comparison. I own a Dremel Digilab which I love to the core. After so many printers tried over the years, this one just gets the  job done ! The objective was to build a clip-on holder. Like this: It took a few attempts to get the snapping mechanism to work, what I had thought was the way to go at the beginning of trying this out, was all wrong :-) Originally posted by gypsyastronaut When I understood how to properly measure the curvature of the device I got a better sense of how much the arches that clip on had t