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Amiga 500 Emulator: A Portable Native Client

This will impress you. An Amiga emulator running into the cloud, completely!

Rescuing Sinology Hard Drive

I owned Synology NAS for over a decade. Love their consumer products and overall they last long time. I have a couple of DS214se that they worked just fine for many years.  One day unexpectedly they stop responding over the network and I experienced something that I didn’t even know was a “thing” before I started my Google quest in search of reasons. The blinking blue light! Originally posted by vundabar-mort Below there’s my story of what I did to recover my data and what I learned in the process.  Apply at your risk  and dismay because when it comes to data it’s like the love affair. It’s a mess and varies from couple to couple.  Here is what I went through: What’s going on with the network today Why copying the ISO file from my NAS is so weird today Oh shit. Moment Power on/off cycles and starring at blinking lights pretending that I will figure out what they mean by guessing and then talking to myself Shutdown power and open the Synology just like when you open the

Delete Time Machine Backups from trash

At some point in your life, you decided that it was a good day to clean up your hard drives and delete things that appeared to be no longer of use. Among the things that ended up in your trash, you killed an apparently innocuous folder named  Backupdb.backup . And if you are like me, after I see the trashcan icon full with crap, I want to empty it. That’s when your nightmare of “why it’s not emptying my trash” starts, continuing with terminal attempts via sudo commands, ending with  Google search es as acts of desperation. And when even those don’t work and OnyX and Maintenance failed you, you are about to do this: Originally posted by littlerosedark And then the light, that moment of clarity that brings you back that joy for getting it done and unfortunately never the time spent to get there. Here my steps for the final cure. You are welcome. STEP 1 Reboot STEP 2 As soon as you hear the booting chime, hold CMD + R for a few seconds. Don’t be quick to dismiss the holding