Powerline for macOS Terminal


I use Bash as shell on my Mac for developer stuff. It works out for my file although real terminal guru prefers zsh because of the tons of plugins available.
I don’t need that much but I do admit that the lack of some more useful prompts based on the context (that zsh offers) is clearly missing from my Bash life. So let’s fix it.
There’s a magic tool called Powerline that is the key to get a fancier Terminal with little pain if you know what you are doing.
here’s the key parts:
  1. You will need Python 3 installed
  2. PIP3 (not PIP)
  3. Powerline fonts to avoid weird question marks in your prompt due to the lack of the matching font
I tried multiple DIY blogs out there and the only one that led me to glory was this one. Thanks Derrick!
The only thing that you have to pay attention is the version number of Python that Derrick lists in his paths as at the time he was writing was 3.6 and since then it changed.
Once you nailed the basics you might get super excited and want to try more. In that case, this blog (thanks Raj) is your next best bet.
If you need to figure out the basic of the prompt and don’t need all that fancies, this tool will help you greatly.
Happy shelling.


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