Micro3D printer and Mono, specific version

I bought a while back a micro3D printer. It worked great until the software that comes with it and the only one usable (in practical terms) stopped working on macOS. Apparently, the company believes that only Windows users deserve priority treatment for their products. 
Their technical support was very prompt in diagnosing and handling communications. Too bad that their solution was to downgrade THE OS. What’s this 1998?! Naturally, to the question: When are you going to fix your software? The answer was almost Apple: We know about the problem and we have no plans.
Way to keep a customer… so I ditched them and bought a marvelous Dremel 3D45. It’s a beauty!
In the myriads of attempts that I made in trying to make the micro3D software happy, I had to validate if a specific version of Mono would work. It didn’t. However, in the process, I learned a few things about mono that I want to share for whoever else is gonna be in need of such info.
Mono away Daniel-San.
If you installed mono via other standard means make sure that you delete the residuals if any.
sudo rm -rf /Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework
sudo pkgutil –forget com.xamarin.mono-MDK.pkg
sudo rm /etc/paths.d/mono-commands
  1. Select which version of mono you want to install from here. Download the matching universal PKG.
  2. Launch the package
viktorbenei made a comfy bash script too if you fancy that way. Remember that if you have Microsoft Visual Studio installed you already have mono installed and likely the latest so factor that in when you play with mono.
And in doubt on which version you have fire up terminal and type mono –version


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