Docker Time on macOS

Docker is awesome, there are tons of articles out there, so this post is mostly for me to remember what I find out our zapping multiple sites and trying dozen of things.
Platform: macOS High Sierra #nosmoking
  1. Install Docker CE
  2. Start with this article (thank you Hudson!) because he will give you the general understanding of all parts involved.
  3. At this point, now you realized “I get it” but you made a mess and you would like to start clean and make sure that everything is dandy, that’s when this article becomes your friend.
  4. Now, you feel audacious and realize “Ah! What if I have my own docker image” - that is when you are in for reading this article
  5. If at some point you are in doubt if you messed up your Docker configuration so bad that something ain’t right, then when you click the bomb icon in the Docker preferences panel 


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