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Launch Sublime Text from the command line on OSX

Image Launch Sublime Text from the command line on OSX Launch Sublime Text from the command line on OSX. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. I keep moving from one machine to the other and I always end up in need of a lazy way of copy and paste this useful shortcut!

Visual Studio Code for Amiga assembly Visual Studio Code for Amiga assembly Amiga Assembly extension for Visual Studio Code. Contribute to prb28/vscode-amiga-assembly development by creating an account on GitHub. A great Visual Studio integration with FS-UAE. You must try it!

Learning Assembler on Amiga #9

By users request, I built an index page of previous lessons. It’s  here  and as usual, read my  disclaimer . Let’s begin… In my initial research for this blog, I stumbled  on this blog post  by Reaktor. Back then I was able to grasp the essence of it but I found it too complicated in some areas and too shallow in other areas. Now, that I get a lot more than back than, I realized that that post was wonderful! I just couldn’t appreciate in depth as I can now. One important take away of the Reaktor’s post was the use of  vasm  another popular assembler. It is a multi-platform assembler, which means you can get the code compiled for your in use OS and build 68K code that runs on an Amiga. In  lesson #4  I explained how to set up your environment via FS-UAE and Asm One. As I walk my way through in understanding this world built 30 years ago when I was a little snort playing Buggy Boy and Silk Worm, I realize that there are other setups that can be used in alternative or sidelined to

Learning Assembler on Amiga #8

By user's request, I built an index page of previous lessons. It’s  here  and as usual, read my  disclaimer . Let’s begin… In  lesson #7  we touched on the subject of  registers , however, we didn’t go into the details of that. Let’s address that (such a pun!). The 68K processor has two types of registers.  D ata and  A ddressing registers. The  data registers  are 8 and they are named d0,d1,d2…d7. The way you use them is something that at this point if you have been following along with the other lesson, shouldn’t be a surprise. move.w    #$04F0, d0 That line of code moves a  word  (04F0) into data registry  D0 . The final result is  00 00 04 F0. You can perform  byte, word and long word  operations over data registries type at any time and most instructions are supported. The  address registers  are 8 and they are a0,a1,a2…a7.  They can be used in much the same way as data registers, except, you  cannot perform byte instructions on them.  Some instructions that work

Docker Time on macOS

Docker is awesome, there are tons of articles out there, so this post is mostly for me to remember what I find out our zapping multiple sites and trying dozen of things. Platform: macOS High Sierra #nosmoking Install Docker CE Start with  this article  (thank you  Hudson !) because he will give you the general understanding of all parts involved. At this point, now you realized “I get it” but you made a mess and you would like to start clean and make sure that everything is dandy, that’s when  this article  becomes your friend. Now, you feel audacious and realize “Ah! What if I have my own docker image” - that is when you are in for reading  this article If at some point you are in doubt if you messed up your Docker configuration so bad that something ain’t right, then when you click the bomb icon in the Docker preferences panel 

Amiga, Expand Your Hard Drive

I ran into a situation where while my Workbench environment was full up and running, in the process of installing some software, I was kindly told by the OS: I am full, go fish man. Well, my friend, this post is for you.  When you saw the message, your modern brain about computing kicked in and your first thought was: I am going to resize the partition, I got plenty of space in my 2018 HD. Well… partitioning although possible wasn’t really a thing back then. It was almost sorcery some on  AmiBoard  might swear. You can always use a local folder to your desktop if you want to have unlimited space, however, you might desire of using a HDF file and for that cases below you find what I did to solve the space issue in compliance with HDF. If you really…really want to resize  amitools  are really powerful but they require some terminal skillz. From the author’s site amitools is a set of (mainly) Python 2.x libraries that help classic Amiga (m68k) Development. The tools in this proj

Powerline for macOS Terminal

I use Bash as shell on my Mac for developer stuff. It works out for my file although real terminal guru prefers zsh because of the tons of plugins available. I don’t need  that much  but I do admit that the lack of some more useful prompts based on the context (that zsh offers) is clearly missing from my Bash life. So let’s fix it. There’s a magic tool called  Powerline  that is the key to get a fancier Terminal with little pain if you know what you are doing. here’s the key parts: You will need Python 3 installed PIP3 (not PIP) Powerline fonts to avoid weird question marks in your prompt due to the lack of the matching font I tried multiple DIY blogs out there and the only one that led me to glory was  this one.  Thanks  Derrick ! The only thing that you have to pay attention is the version number of Python that Derrick lists in his paths as at the time he was writing was 3.6 and since then it changed. Once you nailed the basics you might get super excited and want

Amiga, learning assembler step by step

A few folks left comments about the search box of this blog not always returning the list of all the assembler lessons I post, so this post is going to be the index of all posts. In addition to the index below, If you use the Tumblr search using the term “amiga” you might have better luck. The challenge for me will be to find this index and then keep it up to date :-) If you are stumbling on this post, the short story is that when I was a kid I had an Amiga, thanks to that magic piece of technology (then and now), I nurtured a passion that became my career and a successful one. During that time I remember desiring of learning the inside and out of the machine. And assembler was always labeled as the ultimate frontier of awesomeness. I didn’t speak English back then and the poor and scattered notes routed as “tutorial” were out of my technical and natural comprehension league. Not to mention that the Internet was yet to be a thing. Zillion of years later, I am taking my baby re

Human body printing

The backstory is  here . Below the results of my experimental printing using a model that I have been carrying around from machine to machine for years. I prefer it over the usual frog for a few simple reasons: exercise the motor vertically and unevenly because of the curves and muscular details, it allows me to evaluate the printer smaller turns typical in small parts the supporting material is vertically and simple to remove less waste (usually the base in the case of the Dremel’s frog) the finished work is a little piece of  Roman’s style art The white part was printed using 3D Micro (the printer mentioned in the prior post). and of course the time lapse of the printing: I love the features and extremely easy setup of this printer, worth every penny!

Micro3D printer and Mono, specific version

I bought a while back a  micro3D printer . It worked great until the software that comes with it and the only one usable (in practical terms) stopped working on macOS. Apparently, the  company  believes that only Windows users deserve priority treatment for their products.  Their technical support was very prompt in diagnosing and handling communications. Too bad that their solution was to downgrade THE OS. What’s this 1998?! Naturally, to the question: When are you going to fix your software? The answer was almost Apple:  We know about the problem and we have no plans. Way to keep a customer… so I ditched them and bought a marvelous  Dremel 3D45 . It’s a beauty! In the myriads of attempts that I made in trying to make the micro3D software happy, I had to validate if a specific version of Mono would work. It didn’t. However, in the process, I learned a few things about mono that I want to share for whoever else is gonna be in need of such info. Mono away Daniel-San. If you i