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We Will Rock You by Queen in Mario Paint Composer

Image We Will Rock You by Queen in Mario Paint Composer v2 Hi, I'm an unneeded description! If you want to try by yourself, there’s a creative one in any of us, the actual URL where I found the composer is  here . Go ahead, my Mozart!

Expectations vs reading minds

My morning routine usually is built on : Phase  ONE: leave the bed (7:20), head to the kitchen, make myself some breakfast, taking some notes or reading the news while shoveling food in my mouth. The other phases are irrelevant for this post so I will skip them for now. This morning at 7:39am I got the following message from a friend that I talk to often: “Call me when you get the chance” I was cutting fruits from my morning smoothie, so at 7:40am, “Hey Siri, call…” He was in disbelief that I was so prompt and he said: “WTF at least give me the time to brush my teeth. Do you sleep with your phone?” Originally posted by imightbeacoffeesnob I pointed out that I did what he asked. I actually could callback after seeing his message. He ranted about why I was wrong and he was right, that as an engineer I do exactly what the instructions say rather than “interpret” the instructions or use common sense. Whiner… That conversation made me realize something that in my head