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Mountain Biking

My friend Cristiano introduced me to the pleasure of MTB. I spent a very large number of years doing it in my youth, however, as I left my parents home I never picked up a bike again. Exactly today, four seasons ago, at one of our BBQ + Movie of summer nights I was invited for a ride and driven by natural curiosity and goliardic spirit I went. Never stopped and don’t plan to anytime soon. I started with a bike that was twice smaller my needs. A K2 sports bike that belonged to my wife. My dress code was the same of a summer BBQ night and way too many pounds to carry around (211) As I started getting joy, more sleep, and a better shape out of the hobby, therefore, I decided to commit to it and really see where it would take me. Below there’s the summary of what I bought, tested and happy about it. I am sharing in the case out there is another dad out of shape that needs to bootstrap and doesn’t know where to start from with the equipment. Electronics I listen to music at eve