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Tensorflow v1.x - Lesson #1

Let’s just say that you woke up this morning and you realized: Ah! I have a lot of smart IoT devices in my house I can make them smarter and tailor their behavior to my needs I can build Skynet And that’s when you realized how do I do that?! Well, my friend, I woke up with the same idea and we’re going to learn that together. As usual, my  disclaimer  is the same for everything that I attempt to learn in DIY mode. Assumptions I will be using a  Mac  (High Sierra) however very likely you will be able to adapt to another platform almost all I am going to use given the nature of the tasks.  Bash  is my default terminal and  Python  (Anaconda) will be the language of reference. Luck will be with me, particularly when searching for a corner where to hammer my head in difficult times while searching for the why the WTF something won’t work. Recipe of the day Download  the installer for Anaconda. Install. Create an environment for our projects Install a Tensorflow build that