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Got a Muze through a Kickstarter campaign [

5 years ago

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Got a Muze through a Kickstarter campaign. I was dubious about the feasibility of the project however, being an innovator myself, I couldn’t resist the idea of financing something that someone is willing to put their face on.

Well… it turns out that their faces must be pretty dirty right now because this device not only doesn’t delivery ANY of what their Kickstarter promo anticipated, it is also unnecessarily difficult to realize what to do once you receive it.

  1. There’s not one piece of paper in the box that can indicate your next step
  2. There’s a QR code about the app to use for the device on the box so might think “scan and get the app, everything will be explained there” WRONG.
  3. You install the app, there are no pictures but only vague steps that walk the assumption of “they will figure it out” or “everyone knows about this part of the process”

WRONG in details:

If you scan the QR code from an iPad you are directed to install another app which is the wrong one. Specifically the one of another product from ANOTHER company

I have seen this pattern before and that is the pattern of a bootstrap company that is hyper-focused on the technology and forgets the communication with the user. Making a valuable product less valuable. Of course, as part of the same pattern, it doesn’t forget the marketing that enables the funding of the project. With flashy videos that generate hype and hope of getting something innovative and unique. I have been there myself once or twice. Then I learned the lesson and now choose better product people to walk the last mile of delivering innovation. Those folks at Muze likely wanted desperately to deliver what is a testing phase looked “this is it” and end up with a shitty deliverable, a nonworking technology, and a pretty box. Startup Cliché.

Their technology fails to deliver 110% you are left with a very pretty (useful?) enclosure and a sub-quality BT speaker that fatigues in keeping the connection on when you have multiple BT devices around you.

Mehdi Sadaghdar does a wonderful job of reviewing the device with his usual quirky funny narrative attitude. Have a look at his video, worth at least the $US200 I paid for this innovation attempt at Muze. Actually, more given the two factors of that equation.

Will I stop investing in who believes? Hell no. If you don’t want risks in technology buy a book, will I believe anything from now on that comes from Celestial Tribe? When hell will freeze, we shall see.

Mario Esposito

Published 5 years ago