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Pasta Sunday Project

Making Home-Made Pasta You might have made homemade pasta before but I bet that you didn’t do it for the same reasons I start doing it. In this post, I will take you thru my quest for what has become a major research project. Many of my inventions have found a solution to "impossible problems" because of the unorthodox approach in tackling the core of what made those problems excessively complex.  I can't disclose the extent of the invention yet as its related patents are pending and some are shaping up, however, one of the “tools” that I am using to gather data (behavioral and structural) that corroborates my research involves the  making of pasta with friends . Every two weeks, we make pasta together with one family or a very small group of individuals. It’s a 1:1 group effort. Yah, I know that sounds like an oxymoron but so is life for the most. As a  professional inventor , I have developed a keen eye for details that onces taken in their naked isolation are so i

Learning Assembler on Amiga #5

From lesson 1 to 4  we have focused on preparing the development environment. If you expect this lesson being one where you start jamming some code in Asm-One then my dear friend, you are wrong :-) In this lesson, we are going to learn about  memory addressing . It’s pointless to start learning a language if you don’t know some basics about its grammar. That is not to sound accurate with others, it is to learn how to speak the things that you haven’t learned yet and use logic and rules to go beyond what you have memorized already.  We’re not going to have a computer class like for a paid university, if you want to follow asleep you can take one of those. I intend to keep it light and fun while still touching the basics to get somewhere. From Code to Binary Both an assembler and a compiler translate source files into object files. Object files are effectively an intermediate step before the final binary output, generated by the linker. The linker takes the specified objec

Sushi Time

I love sashimi and sided by sushi is even better.

Review: Google Wifi

In my home environment, I have 48 wireless devices. From smart switches to computers, Chromecast and Apple TV spread all around. Just to name a few. I have owned an Apple Airport Extreme gen 6th for years and never had an issue. However, after seeing in action at work some of the features of Google  WIFI I decided to look into it deeper and end up buying it. Loving it. Below there’s my experience and some notes, I hope it helps someone to decide. The package looks and feels very nice. It gives in many ways that sense of care and attention that you typically experience with Apple products. There’s a very user-friendly  tool on their site that helps  to decide how many “pods” you need for a good signal. In my case 2 would have been enough, however, I wanted to cover also the backyard and given that more pods form a  mesh network  I figured that at some point I can extend everywhere over my land (11K sqft) SETUP As typical, you can use Android or iOS to configure the devices.