Automate Facebook Photo Manager

For some non so strange reasons Facebook doesn’t let you manage photos in a way that is time effective. For example moving pictures from Mobile Uploads to individual albums is just not supported as bulk operation. LAME.
Deleting mobile uploads album can’t be deleted. LAME.
Now, granted that they want as more data as they can to determine you properly, however, they could still have my photos if they would allow me to place pictures that I dumped in the wrong place with less pain.
Entering a solution that is less complicated than it might seem.
The following procedure was tested, successfully over 200 photos with Chrome however it seems to be working in FireFox as well.

Automation Recipe

  1. Install the extension iMacros from Chrome Web Store
  2. Go to your Mobile Uploads album
  3. Download the entire album (as backup form)
  4. Click on iMacro icon extension
  5. Create a new Macro using the instructions below
  6. Hit save and close at the bottom of the macro editor window
  7. Select the macro you created from the macro tree
  8. Click the tab Play in the iMacro window
  9. Set in the play loop textbook how many photos you want to delete
  10. Click “Play Loop” button
You can leave the window alone and continue to use your computer if you have two screens. I have tested if you have the window in the back of another program that happens. Your mileage might vary.


From the album where you want to perform the deletion, in my case I used Mobile Uploads.
  1. Hit the record button from the record tab in iMacro
  2. Delete one photo
  3. Stop the macro recorder
  4. The auto-generated code will show in a separated window. Leave lines 1 and 2 alone. And replace the rest with what you see below in the code section
  5. continue from step #6 
TAG POS=1 TYPE=A ATTR=data-tooltip:Edit<sp>or<sp>Remove
TAG POS=1 TYPE=SPAN ATTR=TXT:Delete<sp>This<sp>Photo
The code below is doing the following:
  1. Look for an object on the screen that has the tooltip “Edit or Remove”
  2. Then hit delete this photo menu item
  3. Confirm the dialog for deletion
  4. wait two seconds before executing anything else
If your connection isn’t that fast you might adjust the timing accordingly.
Obviously, if you can follow these instructions you are what is considered an advanced user. Either way, understand that you lose your comments and everything attached to that photo, even if you download the album. In all cases, if the outcome of following this self-help trick makes you unhappy or damages you, that was your choice and not mine. Therefore you are responsible of your own actions. In doubt, don’t do it. Just saying…
Otherwise, happy deletion.


  1. thank you butI need to do same with my posts, its March 21 and I cant get it to work... can you do a blog post on this maybe? Thanks james


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