Women's day

I strongly believe in parity rights. My friends know about it and I got an opportunity to share my opinion publicly. Here is what I said from a podium in NYC:
Men, this message is for you not for the women in this room and out there, to really be supportive of women, do one of the followings which ever applies best to you:
  • ask Pope Francesco to demonstrate equality by allowing women to perform the same job men can do in the clerical world. 
  • Elect a woman for president. 
  • Educate your daughters to not accept anything short of these twos which current lacking is a disgraceful status quo. 

Until then, I find your emails of awareness, your 🌺 for women’s day and all the other flags of support for women just and only on this date an excuse to keep what history gave to you from the cave to Trump’s time. The right of exploitation with no tangible repercussions.
I wouldn’t be here without a woman being part of the process of actually making and educating me up to maturing these thoughts. Women are the fabric of our existence like the environment for our own planet and just like what men do for our planet since they cover most decisional and powerful roles in society, the abuse it regularly and once a year they have Earth day to feel good about it. 
See that approach what got us to with rising temperatures and more catastrophes across the planet. Women today have the same right as black people in America. On the paper they are equal to [white] men, in the day to day operations they are cornered for limited success and equality. With one particular evil difference. Stereotyping, black people make the news, they get shot and video embarrasses police departments across the nation. You woman don’t. That means you are a hidden figure. Limited by a system as is designed today. You are posed as not a problem to be solved you are just whining for more freedom since the beginning of time. Which de-facto fits perfectly in the type of misogynist and stereotypical narrative of women complaining. Don’t accept that and fight harder than you have have been doing thus far. A lot more organized and harder. 2017 Women march clearly has shown you can and very effectively.
Men, when you care for something you nurture it like your mother has done for you. Fix it. Women alone, just as for the making of me, you and all of us can’t. Fix it. Get it done!

We have a long way to go still on both sides - in the meanwhile keep fighting women, don’t accept the status quo. Don’t settle for 🌺 pretend equality like a new pair of 👠 and 👖 to fit by the summer. Like there is no tomorrow. Never surrender. #share #letmenknow

That is straight from my speech script.


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