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6 years ago

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My first computer was a Commodore 16. I started the computer career because of an ad where a kid was flying over a keyboard, the Commodore’s keyboard. That night I decided that I wanted and worked hard to get it. It took me weeks to figure out how to display anything on the screen. The only manual that came with it was in Norwegian. Back then I was in Italy and all information about computing was sparse at the best, particularly for lads of my age (14).


When I finally figure it out, I started experimenting like a crazy person and despite all my crazy tests and experiment, it took a genius like my sister that while I was away, trying to plug the recorder in some inexplicable way, destroyed for good the tape reader!


In retrospective that was a great thing for me, since I was prevented from loading or saving anything, I started exploring coding (BASIC) and occasionally trying to figure out assembly. A few years later, my father got me a Phillips MSX. That was the Soviet version of a computer, which led me to take another unusual path of exploring computing. As in the first case of owning a computer I didn’t have gaming a la carte so I focused more on development and understanding (hacking in some forms).

One year later I made the best investment of my life, I bought a Commodore Amiga 500. I had plenty of games but at that point, they were no longer appealing to me. All my other friends that had gone through the Commodore 64 route, where gaming was abounding and development was a path only if you really wanted, were all into extreme gaming.

I am one of the founding members of XBOX ONE and still less interested in gaming now as then. I do enjoy playing a game once in a while, a lot more if with company and then I get quite competitive. However, I can afford a super high def extreme reality system and I love to play retro games like there’s no tomorrow.

This year I decided to go back to my most favorite console ever, Amiga and catch up on the past. I realized two things:

Just like the old days, starting from games and walk away toward development. Who knows, I might find something that I missed back then and now can bring to life more inventions out of unexpected paths. As someone pointed to me “why do you want to learn assembler for Amiga these days??”, the answer is very simple. You have NETFLIX, someone else has a bar time with homies, drug, bitches. I also have that. Why not, is a great mantra.

I will be posting what I learn along the way. Happy retro time to me :D

Mario Esposito

Published 6 years ago