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Amiga Emulator for macOS

I resumed my interests on retro computing as I desired something to geek-off without too much commitment and having some flashes of when I was a teen in willing to crack the bit and win that damn level at Shinobi, Silkworm and so on. There’s so much material online about emulation of all kind, that you don’t need an additional resource for that. Unless, like me, you have been searching and drowned into too much material to the point of missing the obvious stuff. My main platform for doing the common things is macOS, so I searched for a few options in the regards of an emulator. I settled for the excellent  FS-UAE . It does a wonderful job and although there’s still room to go compared to the Windows companion (Win-UAE), it is wonderful and has all kinds of settings from command line and easy to use launcher if you don’t want to mess with terminal. Below there’s a mini guide on how to use the basics of this little wonder that doesn’t come out off the shelf with an explanation by

Amiga, games and development

My first computer was a  Commodore 16 . I started the computer career because of an ad where a kid was flying over a keyboard, the Commodore’s keyboard. That night I decided that I wanted and worked hard to get it. It took me weeks to figure out how to display anything on the screen. The only manual that came with it was in Norwegian. Back then I was in Italy and all information about computing was sparse at the best, particularly for lads of my age (14). When I finally figure it out, I started experimenting like a crazy person and despite all my crazy tests and experiment, it took a genius like my sister that while I was away, trying to plug the recorder in some inexplicable way, destroyed for good the tape reader! In retrospective that was a great thing for me, since I was prevented from loading or saving anything, I started exploring coding (BASIC) and occasionally trying to figure out assembly. A few years later, my father got me a  Phillips MSX . That was the Soviet versi

Dealing with DMG files

If you landed on this article, well… I am sorry for your loss. I have been and you have my back. You might have experienced pain due to .sparsebundle not opening anymore with either “no mountable filesystem” or some other arcane errors. It is also possible that after you recovered your sparse bundle you might want to convert that image in a regular DMG so that you can either remove what you don’t need or comfortably perform other r/w operations. Fret no more Daniel San, the chances of making are slim, however, you got nothing to lose besides stop trying. Here’s my recipe: STEP 1 hdiutil attach -nomount -noverify -noautofsck /Volumes/{name of your disk}/{name of}.sparsebundle that will attach and skip a few steps normally performed by the system, which in this case would prevent from continuing. /dev/diskx Apple_partition_scheme /dev/diskxs1 Apple_partition_map /dev/diskxs2 Apple_HFSX Where x is the disk id for the external disk. You are interested in the one labeled Ap

Women's day

I strongly believe in parity rights. My friends know about it and I got an opportunity to share my opinion publicly. Here is what I said from a podium in NYC: Men, this message is for you not for the women in this room and out there, to really be supportive of women, do one of the followings which ever applies best to you: ask Pope Francesco to demonstrate equality by allowing women to perform the same job men can do in the clerical world.  Elect a woman for president.  Educate your daughters to not accept anything short of these twos which current lacking is a disgraceful status quo.  Until then, I find your emails of awareness, your  🌺  for women’s day and all the other flags of support for women just and only on this date an excuse to keep what history gave to you from the cave to Trump’s time. The right of exploitation with no tangible repercussions. I wouldn’t be here without a woman being part of the process of actually making and educating me up to maturing these th