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Add Simulators support to previous XCODE versions

Your current issue is that you are on a previous version of Swift ABI and you can’t migrate your code to the latest. Therefore, you are stuck with XCODE 7.x (as an example) however you would like to test your code on the latest simulator to guarantee forward compatibility. Good news, you can do it. I keep all versions of Xcode and I rename after installed so I can keep track of each version. Here is how: Assuming you extract Xcode to Applications/ cp -r Xcode-v <higher-version-here> .app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/DeviceSupport/<YOUR-VERSION-HERE>) /Applications/Xcode <lower-version-here> .app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/AppleTVOS.platform Alternatively, if you don’t want to copy everything, which duplicates files on your system, you can use a soft link, like this: sudo ln -s <path1> <path2> That will do the trick. If the the daemon used by the simulator still running (even if you killed everything) you

The best PGP tutorial for Mac OS X, ever The best PGP tutorial for Mac OS X, ever | Jerzy's Notes It is that simple. Use it. My PGP Public key is as follow: —–BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK—– mQINBFh1d1QBEADD1+Oux5QwS4CnvSBrr/+J6DCPV80l4XIL487kk2Fp9w8VfsBM n/WWOa5iMWzyJS4wFmHfLYaVw8hTPt2g0kzEdFIBEpIXoziR6ct/SfwjYIH7ymb9 PGVmC78FJrrkIdeD4tuhKaDJSDkifDH8MZ6OyvGCio06ZOKbQvLlRaLpCDs8aCW2 ludJOHPiBKQiWveeF3fW3EeRi3LL0EqS87DTdsz3Petv8QEpFIpg0YU318VkFahn dx5psvjsSU0Zyu5IAbY4ojMpjRF0aZ4aKfCn+Qhv7fYOO9FOQR/MbKkqo9hREUIX 02EJSc/Q6Z8wPS+SdgbKeHNoSEbZDOma9CDCjLOpjcXteLniM+WTwMQitKzqg/BG 6mKOoc4AEE7wVgaqbTieeb2lMZHgt0NtwW+/FfwNVGJWni80uHRrp9dm0XcTXEbe qO3ZRz1W7SWjuhnWI0e17pMla0RZSUUC0XqXzQb32p9F1XyKYmhtAP+QqG6all+S kBnvPptNguwvKEn1rKIxervHjRXw5+C0HVQfce94cylH8B2ViopMWPfQUq2ONzA/ aUmmT4lBWNtP9AxGfWjMsco4NpB/swa4tte6JOiswS6UpxyP7DYyEIC3oRHo4GuD 8wLARpTYgvgeXLUV8niky25nfwEDJfD8mjIeB1uRuqIf/TAX+GDFkSYNswARAQAB tDFNYXJpbyBFc3Bvc2l0byAobXkgcGVyc29uYWwpIDx3aW5kcmFnb0BnbWFpbC5j b20+iQI/BBMBCAApBQJYdXdUAhsDBQ