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Fusion Drive, Screwed up. Fix it.

A few days ago I decided to wipe clean my desktop Mac and reinstall everything from scratch as I had not done it in a few years. That was the beginning of a learned lesson and a ton of pain that I didn’t know I was about to experience. Problem one : I wiped out all partitions and reinstalled the OS using a USB stick with El Capitan 10.11 – Everything worked as the setup goes, too bad that nothing really was working under the hood. The console was plastered of errors like: fmfd(384) deny file-read-metadata /Volumes/Macintosh HD  or many other types of Sandbox can’t write this, and that or Address book can’t read or access something..something. A ginormous pain in the butt as the system was becoming slowing less and less reliable as those errors were piling up without control… Problem two : In the process of re-installing multiple times and trying every possible “solution” found in forums and other venues, I messed my partition layout to the point of non-return. That is