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A political revolution, campaign

Although, this one seems even more accurate for both.

tvOS: Custom Fonts in TVML

My friends at Garage Innovation built an app called Caldo. In a nutshell, they built a sleek way of controlling your building temperature when controlled via NEST Learning Thermostat. I am not going to review it here as they have done such a good job that I wouldn’t give justice to their efforts, however, what inspired me to write a story about this is a funny roadblock that they found during the development cycle. Apple TV has two main technologies for building apps: NativeTVML TVML is a constrained wrapped over HTML with Javascript capabilities. The native implementation of the apps is bundled with the app (storyboards) the TVML instead is hosted and treated pretty much like a web- site that honors the TVML schema. During the enrollment phase, Caldo provides a short-ned URL that you have to enter on a device that supports a browser (the ATV doesn’t) and that completes the onboarding base. The URL is case sensitive, and the default font on ATV (Apple San Francisco) doesn’t do a good …