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I have been working on what very likely is the root of another innovation breakthrough to add to my portfolio. In essence, I believe I have identified a technique on

6 years ago

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I have been working on what very likely is the root of another innovation breakthrough to add to my portfolio. In essence, I believe I have identified a technique on how to mechanically trigger some specific endorphins and dopamines that control habits. That is without any external chemical additive. Aka pills and alike. It has been only one year of research and the science behind it isn’t a piece of cake. However early results don’t need too much interpretation. The subjects' response clearly show that I must have hit at least one important pebble of jackpot road.

Anyhow, one important and DOH! Moment led me to realize how much stress and micro-multi-tasking these days has side effects that ultimately generate new symptoms with little science to understand them. This ultimately leads to a pattern of addressing these effects in curing A and instead your issue is B.

What happens is that your big box (brain) adapts to technological stimulus a lot slower than you might think. It reacts extremely quickly to changes as a result of mechanical enforcement (thumb -> touch screen -> emotion -> repeat).

However, years of evolution have not been spent on how to deal with an iPhone notification while you are fighting over the email and eating your lunch by the computer. Then rushing thru traffic to get to the gym/yoga center or whatever else floats your boat. To ultimately ending in the bed when backlit tablets/phones screen disrupts your circadian cycles.

It’s stressful just to simplify what on daily bases our intense technological life does on us. One huge side effect of such a lifestyle is stress which ultimately results in losing control of our will power. That’s when you start looking for a $piritual figure, an expen$ive life coach or some other kind of dollar-driven new age relief. If you can’t afford that, food, the not so healthy one becomes your outlet to cope with all that crap.

There are many ways of fighting stress issues, and the most effective of all is also the most complex to put in daily practice. One of the very low tech and highly rewarding technique that I developed over the years is what I nicknamed cook-o-therapy. Which it consists of making your meal as long as it meets the following criteria:

If it is your first time, do it alone otherwise, you build up pressure that you don’t need. I have been using this strategy for years. I enjoy it even when I don’t need it for stress reasons as it spikes my creativity on demand. Last night, for example, I was overheating my brain over an experiment that I am conducting with Buttercups weeds. When I realized that I couldn’t stop thinking about all the things that I had tried and what else I could have done I realized that cook-o-therapy was in order. Here is what I did, I hope it inspires you and heals you as it does for me.

Obvious: Fried eggs or any (Lord!) microwaveable item.

Not obvious: Bloody steak with french fries, fresh lettuce, crafted fruit, sweet and liquor as digestive. Kudos for entertainment and background music while cooking.

I collect lettuce from our home garden, started the BBQ and warmed up a Hymalianian salt rock that sears the meat while cooking. (dedication).

I timed the cooking on both sides, making one side stay longer than the other so that when you bite you can see the softer and crunchier side. I learned this from my wife which makes mean steaks without effort.

Notice that I rotated it when I flipped it grab a different part of the salty block.

While the meat was going on the grill, Alexa by Amazon was playing background music (Pink Floyd), and I was slicing a large potato for the fries.

Time to go and flip the meat. Smell, get in touch with the process, don’t just mechanically cook it. I knew that it was coming together however as all the best invention you know when you connect the dots not while you draw the dot.

Back to fry the frenchies.

While the fries were going, I prepared a dip made of various herbs and Tartufo’s oil.

At this point, the fries were ready (a bit too much) and I salted them lightly. This is the part where you allow yourself to forgive yourself for not hyper-perfection. It is not an email to your upper management or your mother in law visiting. It is for you and when you frack-up you already know it. No need to deepen the knife in the wound. Move on.

Put together and a quick taste of the meat to get in the zone. Oh yeah baby, heaven is coming down to Earth. Sprinkle the deep over the lettuce bed and dropping over the fries.

When I eat meat, I don’t want interruption by the process of cutting, so I pre-cut it so I can focus on the taste. It’s the result of your work, no distractions from loving the moment. The future can wait.

I picked a wine that has a bit of character, but that doesn’t knock you off. I wanted a companion for the food, not something to wipe the whole hard drive.

The selection of the glass to use was a factor. I would have gone for a taller version if I was with my wife and at the table. Instead, I decided to eat in a comfort zone. What we call the adult table, the couch! Down below you will see why. I added three slices of watermelon and covered everything with a cake holder to not lose the heat.

While the fries were cooking, I put the kettle to boil some water. A pedicure was in order right after I had enjoyed the meal.

I sat on the couch, with a small glass table we have, right high not too big. If I didn’t have that, I would not have used the sofa, no matter what. Where you eat has to reflect what you are eating.

I rented from iTunes Law Abide Citizen and enjoyed every bite of it. Eating peacefully and like it was cooked in the most expensive restaurant that I could have ever afforded. It melted in the mouth; my endorphins were feeling like Cesar the day of the reckoning.

Once done, I picked the right glass, some backup fruit in case I would snack during the movie, jello in the same glass of the wine and put the feet in the foot soaking pool.

If Trump was calling on the phone and asking me:

You can save America. If yout step out of that comfort zone, I promise I will leave to Zimbawe and never return.

I wouldn’t haven’t moved! I didn’t feel too bad either as he never keeps his promises and never says the truth anyway.

Once in awhile between a sip of Porto, I was warming up the foot-pool with the kettle by my side. The least amount of energy was required to achieve the task.

Once the movie was done, I looked at the kitchen with satisfaction. It wasn’t a war field. Everything was executed with calm and dedication. There was no struggle with time or fear of messing up. I was in sync, and so I slept like a baby at the timed shutdown of Dark Side of the Moon.

Cook-o-therapy is a thing. Give it a shot and share away. It’s a never-ending path and highly rewarding. FTW.


Mario Esposito

Published 6 years ago