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Postgres on Synology

I own a few Synology NAS, one of them is dedicated to development for various projects. More than once I need to store data into a relational database. Synology comes with MySQL Administration tool (MyPhpAdmin) and the cool MariaDB. It actually also comes under the hood with Postgres. By default, it’s not configured for your consumption. Below you find my recipe on how to get it up and running. If you are not familiar with vi (the editor) then you definitely want to install a package manager (iPKG) that allows you to install what you give for granted on my UNIX OSes. Say nano as for the editor. To do that the best guide ever that I found is  already written  by @zarino – follow his instructions and you can’t get it wrong. There’s only one piece of information that is missing from that blog post and is for a special case: When you log back into the system the profile that enables all the goodies of the packaging isn’t loaded by default, you can force the loading doing  source /

Exploring Raspberry Pie

I have been doing a lot of experiments with the Arduino platform. I wanted to play with something else and learn if there’s a better world out there that I don’t know about it or an alternative way to connect  Sensoria SDK  to other platforms. My choice has fallen on a popular one:  Raspberry Pi . As the first project, I wanted to automate the opening of my garage door. Given that I had to start from zero with the new toy, I took notes of what I had to learn and what I did through my journey. Below my notes, hopefully, they will be of good use to you too. Do comment if I have missed something. Keep in mind that the community is very vibrant therefore at some point those notes might get outdated by a better process. If you find that it is the case, let me know and I will try to refresh accordingly. THE BASIC HARDWARE You need a  Raspberry Pi  (RBPI) which is the core of the whole sh’bam and if you don’t want to connect to your router via Ethernet you  can buy this  for wireless