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I was born in South Italy, in a very small village. My dad was an entrepreneur that built a little empire from nothing; my mom was crazy enough to drop

9 years ago

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I was born in South Italy, in a very small village. My dad was an entrepreneur that built a little empire from nothing; my mom was crazy enough to drop out of school to follow his startup dreams.

When I was nine, my family left the village and started their business in a young industrial area that meant complete isolation from the rest of the world for a preteen.

On the bright side, living there also meant developing a natural sense of doing business and developing sophisticated ways to self-entertain a young brain. There was nobody else of my age around me at that time. Often just nobody at all…

My creativity exploded, I became a maker. I could put together building shacks, devices, weird art, and many other things without any or negligible expenses.

My dad involved me in his business at multiple levels, but every step had to be earned with blood and sweat, both literally at times. I traveled a lot with him or his employees and got the travel bug.

As soon I left the nest, I lived in multiple cities, finding jobs in my area of desire and successfully expanding my social and financial reach. I was the first in my family tree to do that. It was not a smooth ride every time, but I had developed a thick skin to face the difficulties. Everything started with a meager budget and ended before the next scary life moment, just okay.

Along with my travels, I found friends, love. I built great memories through that journey. Most people would agree in defining those events as "remarkable"; not all was good, a few shitty pitstops indeed, but regardless of their nature in the way they happened (for good or bad), they did not follow the traditional patterns.

At some point in my Gulliver's travels, I ended in the United States, Washington, where I did many exciting things. Plenty of those for Microsoft under different roles and some other remarkable work outside of that environment. I ventured on my own, and as most epic startup stories, the business started from home, close to the garage, the basement :-) – After 3 successful stories of startups, I can officially claim the serial-entrepreneur tag.

I always wanted to be an inventor by profession; I learned how to file patents, sell them (or license), understand manufacturing processes, how to raise capital and all that. What a fantastic journey thus far. However, I wish I had started (more seriously) years earlier!

With Sensoria, a company that I co-founded, has my vision and footprint from day zero; All that knowledge and experience just exploded in magnitude and made me a stronger entrepreneur and innovator. I developed and engineered 95% of Sensoria's IP that allowed Sensoria to become a business reality.

Music is my primary drive for everyday tasks. The word sensoria have multiple meanings, and it is used as a term in so many other things that they all match my personality. As the father of Sensoria, the technology, my view of the world through sounds and knowledge, I couldn't have used a different name for this blog's name fits perfectly.

There is a ton to tell about all of that, and through the journey of this blog, I might occasionally share some incredible stories of that life and business path and other startup experiences. Ordinary individuals that achieved something remarkable that should not be forgotten!

I am a significant pizza lover and an expert in making it, given my birth roots… More than one time, I blended technology with the making of pizza. More than one time, I learned the critical lesson of all traditions: do not mix the two :-)

That is all that comes to mind about me at this moment. Let me finish with the following note:

I am happily married to Victoria. We have two exceptional children that make our life an amusement park that never stops. I hope you will enjoy the content of this blog. On the scale of the big numbers, your visit and time spent reading me is a luxury that a few get. Thank you for stopping by.

Mario Esposito

Mario Esposito

Published 9 years ago