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Who Am I

I was born in South Italy, in a very small village. My dad was an entrepreneur that built a little empire from nothing; my mom was crazy enough to drop out of school to follow his startup dreams.  When I was nine, my family left the village and started the foundation of their business in a young industrial area which for a preteen meant full isolation from the rest of the world. On the bright side living there for me also meant developing a natural sense of doing business and developed sophisticated ways to self-entertain a young brain as there was nobody else of my age around me at that time. Often just nobody at all…  My creativity exploded, I became a  maker . Building shacks, devices, weird art and many other things that I could put together without any or negligible expenses. My dad was involving me in his business at multiple levels, but every step had to be earned with blood and sweat, both literally at times. I traveled a lot with him or his employees and got the  t