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Connect Teensy to Bluetooth module

Nowadays there are multiple ready to use Bluetooth solutions, however, a few years back when I start using BT EDR 2.x (Bluetooth 2.0) I was struggling to find information that end to end would walk me through that implementation. At some point, I mastered it and as I usually do before I forget I log it on my blog so if I should forget, and I know that I will, I can go back and hit my head followed by “ah! Damn it!” The post was originally documented on my blog ISensoria hosted on Blogspot since I moved it with its own domain and such it has collected a huge massive of visits and comments. In light of that, I decided to revive it and repost it deleting the old blog. What you need: Teensy 2.0 Bluetooth Mate Silver module from Sparkfun ( option 1  or  option 2 ) The same works as well with  HC-x  modules. The wiring as well is pretty much the same. Wiring Let’s focus on getting the hardware setup so you can focus on the script to run on the microcontroller of your choice.